Most Anticipated New Releases: May 2022

Hi and welcome to the reading world! It’s time for another installment of most anticipated monthly releases, this time for May! ​​As usual, I want to start off this post with a disclaimer: there are a ton of incredible sounding upcoming releases, and this list is by no means comprehensive nor will I be ableContinue reading “Most Anticipated New Releases: May 2022”

Book List: 19 Releases from 2019

Hi and welcome to the reading world! Today I’m sharing another book list, and this edition is part of a mini series I’m going to be starting highlighting recommendations based on publication year! I love discovering reads that are already out and about in the book world, and reading backlist is something I’ve been enjoyingContinue reading “Book List: 19 Releases from 2019”

Books I Want to See on the Screen

Hi and welcome to the reading world! Today, I’m going to be sharing some books I think would be amazing adaptations for tv shows and movies. Some of my favorite limited tv series and movies have been adapted from literature, and so I wanted to share some reads I would love to see on theContinue reading “Books I Want to See on the Screen”