Book List: 20 Releases from 2020

Hi and welcome to the reading world! I’m back with another Book List sharing backlist reads based on their publication year. Have you checked out 19 Releases from 2019 yet? Today’s list is reads published back in 2020! Since there are 20 picks for this one, I’m going to keep the introduction brief and theContinue reading “Book List: 20 Releases from 2020”

Books I Want to See on the Screen

Hi and welcome to the reading world! Today, I’m going to be sharing some books I think would be amazing adaptations for tv shows and movies. Some of my favorite limited tv series and movies have been adapted from literature, and so I wanted to share some reads I would love to see on theContinue reading “Books I Want to See on the Screen”

Most Anticipated New Releases: November 2021

Hi and welcome to the reading world! It’s a bit earlier than usual, but today I’m sharing my most anticipated November releases. There has been a lot of talk regarding supply chain shortages across many areas, including publishing and books, so I wanted to get this list out a little earlier this month in caseContinue reading “Most Anticipated New Releases: November 2021”