Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Places to Read

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Today’s post is another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s theme is on what reading spots we love! This is such a unique prompt and I’m excited to share my picks! I do have less than 10 spots because I tend to just have my go-to reading locations, but I broke this list down by reading physical books and reading audio books!

Favorite places for physical reads:

My Reading Nook

This is currently a work in progress, but I’m developing my own little reading section in my office and I can’t wait to make it in a fun little cozy reading nook as well! If you have any tips from making your own reading nook, feel free to leave a comment!


Reading on the couch is probably my most used spot because I can have tv on in the background and still get to enjoy my read. I don’t watch a lot of television but sometimes I’ll have something on in the background I glance up at while I read. Do you have tv on while you read?

By the Water

I love to read out by the water. Taking a nice paperback along and just getting to sit and enjoy the scenery, and depending on the water sometimes swim a little if it gets hot, is one of my favorite ways to spend warm weather days outdoors.

Coffee Shops

This used to be one of my favorite locations to read but admittedly I haven’t done this in a long time. Especially on rainy days, taking a stroll to a cafe with a book to sip on hot chocolate and read for awhile used to be a favorite activity. While I haven’t done this in a long time, it’s one I may return to in the future.

Favorite places to read audio books:

Road Trips

Road trips are one of my favorite ways to read longer audio books. While I typically listen to my audiobooks at a high speed (I’m one of those readers who enjoys audiobooks at 2.5-3x usually), I keep the book at 1x when I drive so I can remain focused on driving and I don’t have to worry about listening closely or missing a whole section.


Cooking is another opportunity for me to squeeze an audiobook in! I love listening to audiobooks while I cook, since it allows me a little bit of time to get some more reads in while I’m making my meal and combine food and books, two of my favorite things!


I am not one of those people who adores cleaning. I love my space being clean and sometimes I enjoy making it clean, but I like incorporating audiobooks into my cleaning to make the process even better.

There are some of my favorite reading spots! Where do you like to read? Audiobooks have definitely changed my reading life, so if you want any recommendations feel free to check out my Audiobooks Recommendations and my personal favorite audiobook resources, Libby for free audiobooks and e-books from my library and for supporting local indies and getting audiobooks!

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  1. I will pretty much read anywhere and I have recently discovered a love of audio books through my library’s Hoopla app. I have not tried listening while cooking, but I do while doing laundry and exercising! It has been great.

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