Book List: 15 Upcoming Fall Releases and Backlist Recommendations

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Today’s book list is a concept I’ve seen several places including the Novel Pairings podcast and blog- basically, I’m going to be sharing 15 upcoming releases in the fall months of September, October, and November and for each one I’ll be sharing a book I read that I think could be similar to the upcoming release! I always love seeing what themes and concepts I enjoy in my reading (I’ll be expanding more on this in a blog post this September!) and seeing what new releases spark interest based on this.

Now, similar disclaimer as with my If You Liked This Try That posts: none of these books are duplicates of each other and I would never want these recommendations to come off in that way. The incredible range of books available today means that for me personally, these books are ones that I have found some elements that I think are interesting and can complement another book in some ways but not all!

As an added bonus, I haven’t read any of these new releases at the time of writing this post, so these guesses based on the synopsis could very well be wrong! I’m just excited to share even more anticipated new releases! If you like seeing more new books coming out, check out my monthly most anticipated new release posts as well!

A Special Place for Women and Femlandia

A Special Place for Women Review

Why these two? Femlandia sounds like it’s examining feminism and female empowerment in a dystopian society and A Special Place for Women definitely examines how the concept of feminism can be misrepresented through privilege and continuation of inequalities. Both of these concepts promise a unique and secure environment for women, but something else seems to be lurking under the surface.

What am I excited for with Femlandia: I haven’t read a ton of dystopians since years ago but I’m curious to pick a few more up and this one sounds especially intriguing. It seems like the concept of a utopia safe for women has more to it, and the protagonist’s unique connection to Femlandia as well as the element potentially an intergenerational story makes me super curious to see how this one goes.

Ninth House and The Death of Jane Lawrence

Why these two? Ninth House was one of my favorite mysteries and thrillers so far this year and I loved the dark horror elements interwoven throughout. The Death of Jane Lawrence seems to have similar creepy and gothic vibes while being a story that reminds me of some classics like Rebecca that I haven’t picked up yet.

Why I’m excited for The Death of Jane Lawrence: I haven’t read Rebecca yet, but this sounds like that meet fantasy and mystery/horror elements which I am super curious to see how that all comes together.

Gods of Jade and Shadow and The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

Why these two? Gods of Jade and Shadow follows a young woman who discovers her family has a mysterious connection to an ancient deity and the magical journey that takes her on. The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina also follows a family with some unknown yet seemingly magical elements that the youngest generation must come to terms with.

Why I’m excited for The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina: This new release seems to be much more focused on the entire family and the magical thread that interconnects them all and incorporates an intergenerational story, which is one of my favorite story elements.

Anxious People and A Calling for Charlie Barnes

Why these two? Anxious People is a novel that blends moments of humor with some introspective character studies that focus on individuals who have gone through hard times and aren’t always making the best decisions as well as those who are simply going about living their lives. The tone of this novel is what I think sounds similar in terms of exploration and life reflection balanced with moments of hope and/or levity.

Why I’m excited for A Calling for Charlie Barnes: I love stories that explore intergenerational family dynamics and ones that include introspection and reflection.

Well Met and The Love Hypothesis

Why these two? A contemporary romance with a unique setting and enemies to lovers banter and a fake dating trope. These two take very different approaches, with a Renaissance Faire and science programs at a university, but combine a lot of fun elements.

Why I’m excited for The Love Hypothesis: I am excited to see a contemporary romance featuring women in STEM! I’m not sure what the role of the love interest is related to STEM but it sounds like it could be a cute read so I’m hoping this is one that I end up enjoying.

The Wife Upstairs and Dark Things I Adore

Why these two? An individual with a mysterious and hidden past, eerie and suspenseful backstories, and someone the reader can’t trust. These two novels follow what sounds like a magnetic connection hiding something dark and sinister in someone’s past.

Why I’m excited for Dark Things I Adore: This one doesn’t sound like any thriller I’ve read before even though there are some elements that remind me of other books I’ve read and enjoyed. I’m so curious to read on to find out the characters’ backstories, their connection, and why one character is out for revenge.

Something to Talk About and The Charm Offensive

Why these two? Both of these stories feature LGBTQ+ romances that take place around the television production world! I’m not a huge fan of Hollywood centered stories but I did enjoy Something to Talk About so I’m curious about The Charm Offensive.

Why I’m excited for The Charm Offensive: This contemporary romance takes place in the setting of a fictional reality tv dating show, which is actually a setting I’ve never read about so I’m very curious to see how it comes together!

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue and Light from Uncommon Stars

Why these two? A Faustian bargain follows a protagonist yearning for a life on their own terms and a fateful meeting that changes the protagonist’s path!

Why I’m excited for Light from Uncommon Stars: I’ll be honest, I enjoyed Addie LaRue somewhat but it wasn’t an all time favorite for me. However, I think Light from Uncommon Stars is definitely a strong contender for a new favorite. Sci fi and space travel elements, music, LGBTQ+ representation, and found family? Can’t wait!

Recipe for Persuasion and A Lot Like Adiós

Why these two? Both of these feature second chance romances with childhood friends that also have strong family times as well as a fake dating trope, which is a combination that I actually really enjoyed in Recipe for Persuasion even though usually second chance romances and fake dating aren’t my thing.

Why I’m excited for A Lot Like Adiós: I have heard nothing but incredible things about You Had Me at Hola and since this upcoming release does have so many tropes I enjoy put together, I’m curious to check it out!

Sorrowland and Flowers for the Sea

Why these two? Both of these stories feature a protagonist on the run and trying to protect not only themselves but their pregnancy as well as speculative and gothic elements

Why I’m excited for Flowers for the Sea: This novella is already drawing comparisons to Octavia E. Butler and I have been loving reads with gothic horror and speculative fiction elements, so this one sounds like it would be a perfect fit!

A Dark and Secret Place and The Family Tree

Why these two? Both of these deal with a protagonist learning she has a mysterious connection to a serial killer as well as contending with some family events. In A Dark and Secret Place, the character has to come to terms with her mother’s sudden death and discovering her mother’s mysterious connection to a serial killer. In The Family Tree the protagonist discovers through a genetic test 2 things: she is adopted, and someone in her own family is a serial killer. While A Dark and Secret Place wasn’t my favorite thriller, The Family Tree also reminds me of Knives Out so I’m hopeful I’ll enjoy this one more.

Why I’m excited for The Family Tree: This one sounds like it’ll have a lot of suspense throughout as the character not only reconnects with a newfound family, but deals with the mystery of which family member is a serial killer.

Pretty Little Wife and All Her Little Secrets

Why these two?

Why I’m excited for All Her Little Secrets: I love reading thrillers with lawyer’s perspectives as they try to unravel a mystery while understanding how investigations and the legal system work. I also was so intrigued by the synopsis right away- I honestly think this is my most anticipated thriller.

The Hunting Party and Beautiful World, Where Are You

Why these two? This is definitely the biggest stretch of my book list for this season since these two aren’t even in the same genre. However, the tie in lies in the social dynamics and friend group. The Hunting Party features a lot of characters that have known each other across the years and have strong ties, inside jokes, and secrets. Beautiful World, Where Are You seems to have the potential for similar dynamics.

Why I’m excited about Beautiful World, Where Are You: This is my first potential Sally Rooney read. I’ve heard so many things about her previous works that I want to start off by picking up one from her before I hear too much about it one way or another.

Daisy Jones & the Six and Crossroads

Why these two? Both of these are character studies set in the 1970s. Daisy Jones follows a young rock star whereas Crossroads is setting up to be a family saga, but both deal with themes of finding identity and independence throughout tumult.

Why I’m excited for Crossroads: It’s no secret I love a good intergenerational family saga and apparently Crossroads will be the start of a trilogy focused on a family and the implications of members’ choices and life changes over decades. I’ve never read anything by this author or read a series that does that, so I’m curious to check this out.

A Man Called Ove and The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven

Why these two? Both of these center on the stories of a man who has isolated himself from society, both for their own independent reasons, and how they are slowly reconnected to community, love, and fulfillment through others (and an animal companion!)

Why I’m excited for The Memoirs of Stockholm Sven: I haven’t read many books that take place in remote, isolated areas but I have been picking up a few in those settings recently. I’m excited to see how this novel utilizes the setting in conjunction with the protagonist’s journey.

So, there is a pretty extensive list of some upcoming new releases and what books I’ve read that may have helped spark my love of certain themes/settings/characters/plot devices and more!

I’ll be sure to mention these books again in monthly anticipated new releases, but I’m curious which of these you want to pick up first? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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