Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Secondary Characters

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Today’s post is another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s theme is all about celebrating secondary characters! Oftentimes, side kicks and secondary characters will end up being my favorite character in a novel, so I’m excited to be sharing my list!

ART from Artificial Condition by Martha Wells, #2 in the Murderbot Diaries

Murderbot Diaries #2-4 Mini Reviews

ART is definitely in my top 2 favorite characters from the Murderbot Diaries universe (and yes the other favorite is Murderbot). I absolutely love the dynamic Murderbot and ART have and the dry sarcasm and banter that fills their dialogue. ART also has a lot of depth to its character as well and I love any time when these two are on the page.

Padme from Star Wars universe

This is a bit of a stretch since Padme does feature prominently in the films and has her own novelization series. However, overall Padme is treated as a side character in a lot of the Star Wars novelizations and spin offs from the movies and I personally think she’s my favorite. Padme has a lot of strength to her in ways that are different than the Jedi but still important within the galaxy, and I love getting to explore Naboo more as well. If you also were a fan of Padme and Naboo, definitely check out Queen’s Shadow which has been one of my recent favorite reads!

Zaynab from The City of Brass

Series Review

Zaynab is a tough and master of Daevabad politics that right away establishes herself as a strong player in court intrigue. She’s also a character I wish we saw more of in this installment because I think she’s definitely got some character development and back story that would be so interesting to explore.

Quan from The Bride Test, #2 in the Kiss Quotient series


This is one of the side characters that is getting their own story to shine soon enough (*The Heart Principle* comes out later in August!) but Quan’s character also shined in The Bride Test. His novel is definitely one story I look forward to reading soon!

Dell from The Space Between Worlds


Dell is enigmatic for a lot of The Space Between Worlds, but her banter and moments with Cara are absolutely priceless. I love that her characterization is subtly interwoven across universes and interactions and even within the course of a standalone she is a standout and dynamic character.

April from Well Met

Another character who is getting her *own story soon*, April is a kind and thoughtful character trying to do her best by her family and navigate difficult life changes in Well Met. There was a brief glimpse in this novel of her future romance story and even before I knew *Well Matched* would be published I was excited to read her story.

Evelyn from Something to Talk About

Evelyn is probably the character on this list that gets the least page time, but she’s still a funny and bright addition to her scenes. In a slow burn romance like this one, Evelyn also calls things as she sees it which felt like she was cheering on the romance alongside the reader.

Dawes from Ninth House

Dawes is a character that undergoes a lot of character development throughout Ninth House. I’m very curious to see how the rest of this series develops! For now, I’ll just add that while I don’t read a lot of mysteries and thrillers, this was *definitely a favorite so far this year*.

Mish Mish from The Empire of Gold, #3 in the Daevabad Trilogy

Series Review

I’m going to avoid any and all spoilers since this is the last book in a trilogy but I love Mish Mish and that is all.

Elle from Heartstopper

Elle is a sweet and adorable character introduced within the Heartstopper series. Although this is a graphic novel series so side characters don’t have as much word count to shine and get character development, I’m excited to see where her story goes! Also I just recently read Vol 4 and in general I love so many of these side characters and I really want to see more of Tori and Charlie’s dynamic in subsequent installments too!

What are some of your favorite side characters?

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