Recommendations: If You Liked That, Try This Vol 2

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I know, two recommendations post in one week is definitely out of the ordinary for this blog. However, I’ve been so inspired by all of the reading lists coming out (I even shared one of my own) and so I just want to throw out a few more suggestions for reads to pick up! Sharing book recommendations for “If you liked that book try this one” is also one of my favorite types of posts to share here on the blog and on my Bookstagram, so I’m excited to share another installment!

I’ll be linking to either Goodreads pages or blog reviews when available!

If you liked Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne, check out The Bride Test by Helen Hoang!

Second First Impressions is a new contemporary romance that is by the author of the very popular novel The Hating Game (which I featured on the last If You Liked That Try This installment). The Bride Test is the second book in the Kiss Quotient series of companion novels and is definitely one of my favorite reads of the year. Both of these stories feature characters thrown together by circumstance, an endearing group of supporting characters, excellent chemistry, and a feeling of counting down to potentially life changing events. Picking up The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test now is especially great timing, as The Heart Principle comes out this August!

If you like The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells, check out The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson!

These are two of my favorite stories that I’ve read so far in science fiction. Murderbot is a series following the adventures of a security unit who has hacked its own governor module and now calls itself Murderbot and watches space opera tv shows in its free time. Both of these stories feature tension and intrigue surrounding sci fi mystery vibes, characters with excellent banter and comedic timing in the midst of thrilling elements and plot twists, and are definite page turners. The Space Between Worlds is a standalone, but it was recently announced that another book set in the same universe called Ashtown will be coming out!

If you liked Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, check out The Maidens by Alex Michaelides!

Ninth House is an adult urban fantasy set in an Ivy League school where secret societies and magic are intertwined. The Maidens is a thriller where a mysterious murder at Cambridge sends a grieving group therapist back to her old university and into the dark world of a secret society. Both of these books feature strong themes of dark academia but go beyond into themes of mystery, thriller, and (in Ninth House’s case) fantasy. The Maidens isn’t quite as focused on supernatural elements but does have strong emphasis on Greek mythological roots, and Ninth House is definitely dark academia meets urban fantasy. I ended up reading and enjoying Ninth House so much it ended up being one of my books that inspired me to read more in the genre!

So there are some more reading recommendations, this time based off other books you may have read and enjoyed! If you want even more books added onto your TBR, you can check out my LGBTQIA+ Recommendations list I shared this month or my 5 Star Reads from January, February, and March of this year! If you’re curious what books I’m looking at picking up in the next few months, check out my Summer TBR.

Which one of these are you thinking about picking up next?

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