Mini Reviews: City of Brass, Kingdom of Copper, and Empire of Gold

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Today I’m going to be sharing mini reviews of the complete Daevabad trilogy by S. A. Chakraborty. This includes The City of Brass, The Kingdom of Copper, and The Empire of Gold! All of these books are now available, and this trilogy has quickly established itself as one of my all-time favorites, so I’m excited to share more of my thoughts!

I’m trying out a few new additions to my reviews by featuring “Try this book if you liked that book”, so if you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see from my reviewing feel free to leave a comment. In no way am I saying one of these books is a duplicate of the other or that they are the same, I’m simply pointing out things I liked about both and recommending them to readers who also enjoyed certain elements in other books as well. For me personally, these books are ones that I have found some elements that I think are interesting and can complement another book in some ways but not all! For more of these types of recommendations specifically highlighted, check out my Recommendations post.

For this mini review of a completed trilogy, I will be avoiding spoilers for any of the books in my little review of each one!

The City of Brass
Rating: 4 Stars
Format read: Physical
Source: Purchased
Publishing Date: 2017

This series starts off fast paced and drew me in immediately. I loved Nahri as a character, and the perspectives the reader gets throughout the story help to build a complex and compelling world that defines this series. Another thing I really appreciated was the character dynamics evolving throughout the book- with each interaction, the characters are learning more about each other’s goals, ideals, and ambitions and how those work with or against their own. That political intrigue is something that I think made the middle third of the book feel different in pacing from the first third. It’s definitely one where a lot of the character dynamics take center stage for awhile, creating tension and thematic elements that will have impacts across the series. Even though there are moments that don’t have action constantly throughout, they set the scene for plot twists and sudden and unexpected outcomes. I finished this one and picked up the second book as soon as I could.

The Kingdom of Copper
Rating: 4.5 stars
Format read: Physical
Source: Purchased
Publishing Date: 2019

The second book I ended up rating higher than the first one but I honestly don’t know if I can pick a favorite between the two. I think that the second book did an excellent job on building on the first. This book dealt with the consequences of The City of Brass in a way that acknowledged the impact of the first installment while still giving the second book its own depth and story and growing the scope of the series. I think that the villain in this story was complex but sometimes felt inconsistent to me in terms of reconciling their actions with their motivations. However, overall the characters in the story are well developed and are furthering the intentional understandings and political navigation that was set up in The City of Brass. This book is the least action-packed of them all to me, so this is definitely where the political fantasy elements and court intrigue shine the most. Overall, I really appreciated getting the political fantasy aspect of the world building as the intrigue and anticipation of what would happen next continued to grow throughout.

The Empire of Gold
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
Format read: Physical and Audiobook
Source: Purchased physical, Library audiobook
Publishing Date: 2020

The Empire of Gold was my favorite book of the trilogy. This isn’t typically the case for me, and series finales are oftentimes books I put off because I’m worried about how it all wraps up. But this conclusion did that excellently and honestly took the series to new heights for me. I love that even in the final book, I still got to enjoy more world building in a way that is woven seamlessly into the story. Speaking of the story development, I did not see a lot of the plot lines coming, and the conclusions to all of the story arcs were so well done. I don’t want to go into any spoilers, so I’ll intentionally be vague, but I genuinely think that the characters that had so much time and development throughout had excellent conclusions to their stories.

Try this series if you liked: Black Sun for the political elements in fantasy coupled with  suspenseful  build up to key moments and events and Xiala is as spunky and quick-witted as Nahri; A Dead Djinn in Cairo for the supernatural elements in historical Cairo and a fast thinking protagonist who’s able to hold her own, The Space Between Worlds for the emphasis on tension and intrigue as the protagonist explores power imbalances while wrestling with secrets and not knowing who to trust

There is my review of the complete Daevabad trilogy! This series is definitely an all-time favorite of mine, and I am definitely going to be returning to it for rereads in the future.

Have you read this trilogy? What fantasy series did you like if you loved this one too? Let me know in the comments!

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