Wrap Up: March 2021

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It’s time for another monthly wrap up. March was a month where I really didn’t read as much as I would’ve wanted to- I don’t tend to be concerned with a number of books read but moreso finding favorites and feeling inspired to read. However, despite it not being my greatest month for finding a plethora of new favorites, I did still pick up some great books (and a new favorite or two!) I’d like to share as I discuss this month’s reading and blogging updates.

Since this wrap up post serves as a highlight reel of some of my reads as well as what I got up to on the blog, if you want to see every book I’m reading throughout the month, check out my Goodreads (still figuring out how to best use Storygraph but loving it so far) for those updates!

What’s on the Shelves:

Favorite Reads:

In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado

This memoir is incredibly written and covers some very difficult topics about the author’s past abusive relationship. It was moving, thought provoking, and something that I still think back on. If you are interested in reading this one, please be aware that this book has some difficult content. If you are concerned about potential triggers, readers on Storygraph are collectively able to share specific trigger and content warnings.

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The Bonesetter’s Daughter by Amy Tan

This was my second book by Amy Tan, and it is definitely a strong contender for a favorite book of the year. The Bonesetter’s Daughter follows both a daughter and her mother, across generations and the world. This is a powerful, character-driven story where the imperfections, flaws, and best of each character are shown as I read along to see how everything would turn out for them all. It was incredibly written and moving, and one that I definitely plan on rereading in the future. I’m excited to read more of Amy Tan’s work in the future! This novel also covers some difficult topics, so I do highly recommend checking out Storygraph for an in-depth list of trigger and content warnings by other readers who have picked this one up.

What’s on the Blog:

My Reviews: Mini Reviews: Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol, and Exit Strategy and The Bride Test

My Favorite Non-Review Posts: Tackling the Tomes: A New Adventure (so excited to be incorporating this into my reading, and I’m thinking of sharing monthly posts on Tackling the Tomes), Recommendations: If you like this, try that Vol 1 (I’m still working on a name for this recommendations style, so ideas are welcome in the comments!), 10 Audiobook Recommendations (I ended up sharing 2 recommendations posts this month and this was my first one! Audiobooks have been a game changer for my reading and I hope this list is helpful if you’re also interested in trying out audiobooks!)

Challenge and Read-a-thon Check Ins:

Library Savings Challenge:

This is hosted by @bylaurencapellan on Bookstagram and is a challenge to see the cost of the books you saved by going to the library! As I’m trying to read my already owned TBR or utilize my library before buying other books, this is one I’m so excited to be participating in!

March Savings: 95.98

Total Savings: 657.29

Quarterly Savings (this includes Library DNFs and borrowed audiobooks I read that I own the physical book copies but do not own the audiobooks): 304.58

2021 Total Savings: 657.29

The Free Black Women’s Library Reading Challenge:

Hosted by The Free Black Women’s Library, this challenge is to read 25 books by Black women or non-binary authors with the featured prompts throughout the year of 2021.

Number of prompts read in March: 1

Total number of prompts read: 15 out of 25

Uncorked Reading Challenge:

This is a reading challenge hosted by The Uncorked Librarian and has some unique prompts. 

April Prompt: Book Set on a Train (haven’t read for this one unfortunately!)

Toni Morrison Read-a-Thon: 

Hosted by @ibingebooks on bookstagram, this is a year long reading of Toni Morrison’s novels and discussion among a group. Reading Toni Morrison’s work for the first time and having a virtual community to reflect on it with has been an incredible experience so far. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read Song of Solomon this month between a reading slump and some non-reading life events, but I am excited to read it sometime soon!

Shimmering Worlds Reading Challenge:

This is a challenge hosted by @afantasysky on Bookstagram that features prompts to complete by reading sci fi and fantasy books by BIPOC authors! I love the creativity of the prompts and getting to expand my sci fi and fantasy reading while also reading some incredible BIPOC authors.

Number of prompts read in March: 0 (I really haven’t been reading a ton of SFF lately, which is not normal for me! What’s a good sci fi or fantasy book you’ve read to get out of a reading slump?)

Total prompts read: 8 out of 13

So, here’s my March wrap up! I’m liking this format, especially since this month I didn’t have as much to talk about with my reading and yet I still got to share more about the month and keep checking on my challenge progress!

What are you hoping to read in April?

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